Chapman receives new interactive panels


Allie Wright

Sophomore Kaia Grace Lawter works on sight reading during choralation.

Over the summer, Chapman received 65-inch interactive ActivPanel Promethean Boards.
“This is the next generation of technology for the classroom,” said Jimmy Pryor, assistant superintendent for accountability and technology services.

For years, teachers in District One had access to interactive boards connected to PCs. Teachers eventually began desiring additional features that were not necessarily offered in traditional boards.
“The teachers wanted smart boards, but they were really describing smarter boards,” said Pryor.
ActivPanel allows students to be engaged in their work and makes it easier for teachers to project ideas and lessons.
Chorus teacher Rebecca Rostron uses it in her class to practice sight-reading.
“The board has note staff paper and allows me to download sight-reading practices,” Rostron said. “I love it!”
Junior Olivia Ireland finds it especially helpful in her math class.
“It is helpful in math because my teacher can easily project the math problems and show her work for the entire class to see,” Ireland said.
Pryor says that this type of technology is just the beginning. He hopes to soon add more tools to help the students engage and to help the teachers collaborate. One idea is to add in webcams so if students are absent, they could join the class live in a Google Meet. There are lots of ideas that the faculty has thought of, but one thing is for sure.:
“This is not the end,” said Pryor.
Pryor describes this as just “one logical step in our journey” as a District.
“I look at things from a teacher’s perspective and I know that if students aren’t engaged, then they are not learning,” Pryor said.
The District’s goal with this is to provide the teachers with a tool to help teach their students.
“We want to have a classroom where the walls come down and technology continues to engage students,” Pryor said.