Letter to underclassmen from Sarah Allen

Dear Underclassmen:

My message for you is to never give up. Believe in yourselves. Be nice to others. Meet new people, and make new friends.

Maybe join some sports and clubs. I am on yearbook and student council.

I love meeting new people. I am the girl who comes in each day with the food cart and asks if anyone wants anything. I have loved getting to meet some of you and hope I can meet some more of you.

I am a very nice person. I don’t judge people or make fun of anyone and you shouldn’t either.

I do get emotional a lot, but I try not to let that bother me. I love making people laugh and smile. I love Converses and drawing. I also love hugs even though I have to be cautious now due to COVID.

Enjoy Chapman while you can. It goes by fast!