Robinson leads the Pride of Inman

Being chosen as the new drum major was a dream come true for senior Nathaniel Robinson. 

“I wanted to have an even bigger part of making us as a group better,” said Robinson. 

“Nathaniel meets all the requirements to fulfill this demanding role,” Band Director Kevin Horton said.  

Robinson attended the University of South Carolina Summer Leadership Symposium for drum majors. This leadership experience completed his training.  

Robinson had to be voted on by his fellow band members after writing an essay about how he thinks his leadership will benefit the Pride of Inman. 

Junior Laura-Steele Thorne, spoke about his leadership and how she knew Robinson would be a perfect fit. 

“Nathaniel has always been incredibly sweet and reliable. There have been so many times that I have gone to him for help,” said Thorne

Robinson stated that being in the band has been an “integral part of his life.” He lives for the adrenaline on the field and explains that it is so rewarding to get to perform on Friday nights after spending countless hours rehearsing. 

This is the niche that has allowed him to “enjoy his high school life.”

After attending the symposium at USC, Robinson mentioned that he could clearly see himself continuing this role at his future college. 

“I am very excited to see where this next part of life leads me,” said Robinson. 

His bandmates are excited for him, too, especially as they consider what he will bring to the band this year.

“I’m just so proud of him for earning the spot and so excited to see what he does throughout the rest of the season,” said Thorne. 

Along with Thorne, Panthers will watch as he leads the band during Friday night lights and upcoming competitions. 

Robinson is grateful for the opportunities to lead this year and is thankful for those who have made it a reality.

“I would like to thank Mr. Horton and the rest of the band staff for allowing me the opportunity to lead the band as drum major and guiding me on this journey. I also want to thank my amazing band family for always being there for me and supporting me as we go through this season together,” said Robinson.