CREATIVE CORNER: The Forgotten Two (part one)

It’s been eight years since everyone has forgotten them. This is Evelyn and Noah. One day they woke up and no one seemed to remember them. It was like they had fallen through some form of a wormhole. Well, that’s exactly what happened. Here’s their story:

As Evelyn and Noah are walking through the woods, all of a sudden they see a road.

“I think we should follow the road,” says Noah. Evelyn agrees, so they take the road only to be led to an old abandoned town.

“This is so cool. We should stay and get resources,” says Evelyn.

Noah worries. He shakes his head to say no.

Not caring what he said, she runs off to look for resources. “Evelyn this place is dangerous. We need to go,” he says as he gets even more worried.

After a few hours of looking around, they decide that they should leave to go back to the woods.

“Evelyn I’m starving. We need to go to the town to get food,” he says. She doesn’t listen because they can’t go to town to get for because their families are happy without them. They walk till they find a place to stay the night. Noah sees a cabin in the depths of the woods that looks like no one has lived there for years. He tells Evelyn about the cabin so they decide to head over there and look around.

“This is where we will stay tonight, you can settle in while I hunt for food,” she says, leaving to go get food.

Noah finds a piece of paper and a pen in the cabin and decides to write to his mom;

Dear Mom,

I know you don’t remember me but I’m Noah and I’m your son. I miss you a lot. I wish I could come and see you again. I’ve met this girl, and her name is Evelyn. No one remembers her either. But don’t worry; we are going to figure this out.

Love your son, Noah.

As Evelyn is walking through the woods, she hears someone call her name and decides to follow the voice, only to find a person that would change her life forever.

“Oh my gosh is it really you,” she says as she freezes in shock.

The person was a woman that Evelyn knew.

“Yes, it’s me, Evelyn I’m your mother,” the woman says, crying because she found her child.