After school gender disparity

Chapman offers a variety of after-school activities including debate team, theatre and student council.

But not all of them see an equal gender split.

Currently, the debate team only has one male, theatre has 10 and the student council only has 11.

English teacher Erin Smith is one of the sponsors of the debate team.

She said the disparity is difficult to pin down.

“I’m not sure why only one guy decided they wanted to be a part of it,” she said. “It’s possible that there are more guys than girls just because they have other commitments after school,” said Smith.

Theater Director Carrie Roberts said that it can create a bit of a headache given the casting process.

“It can be difficult in terms of making sure it makes sense of girls playing boys,” said Roberts.

Having fewer guys makes them have more responsibilities.

Adam Moore is a junior on the student council.

“It just makes me realize how I have a responsibility to lead other guys to school clubs and demonstrate how important it is to support our school and our community,” said Moore.