Young yearbook staff members already contributing

The Chapman yearbook staff has 14 members, nine of whom are new to the staff and five whom are freshmen. It’s a challenge for new staff members to take on daunting tasks.

“At first I was really nervous because I didn’t know how to do anything and it was hard to get used to it all but (Co-Editors) Gabby Freire and Ellie Mitchell have been really helpful,” sophomore Savanna Simonds said.

Simonds had a little bit of experience thanks to Introduction to Journalism, a class offered at Chapman to give students a taste of what being on staff would be like without actually being on staff, but the freshmen staff members chose a different path, joining the staff without taking the introductory course.

So far they have done a good job of learning quickly and keeping up — but not without a few difficulties.

“I don’t really know the software that well, and I have had to learn everything really fast,”

said freshman Shaylie Rogers.

Yearbook adviser Alex Hollis and the rest of the staff have worked hard to keep everything on track.

For example, Hollis put new members with the returning members in order to give them some guidance from those who have been on staff before.

“I think pairing them as they started their work at the beginning of the year with the returning members and getting their feet wet by working with people who have done it before has been helpful,” Hollis said.

Even though the young staff members have faced challenges, they seem to be enjoying their work.

“I love being on staff because I get to learn from all of the returners and I get a lot of really good mentors,” said Rogers.