Chapman clubs and groups work to better local community


Juliana Coates

Mayor’s Youth Council meets on Dec. 1 to discuss Light Up Inman.

“It always makes your heart happy when the community sees what an amazing group of young people we have here at Chapman,” said Mayor’s Youth Council sponsor Catherine Gramling.

Chapman is known for its many successes, but it’s also known for being a school that serves within the community.

There are many clubs that work to better Inman: Interact Club, Mayor’s Youth Council, Panther Talk, Beta Club, JROTC and Student Council.

Interact Club helps with Habitat for Humanity, Chapman’s Mission Transition, Rise against Hunger and others.

“My favorite thing is Habitat for Humanity because there is an immediate and visual picture of doing something for someone,” said Interact Club sponsor Amy Ballentine.

Ballentine said watching her students work to help others is special to her.

“I have been able to truly feel that Intrinsic elation and to just know that I am doing good to help someone else,” said Ballentine. “I love that the children get to experience these feelings as well, and I love to encourage the students to keep helping even when their set hours are met.”

Mayor’s Youth Council is a selected group of students that stands alongside Inman Mayor Cornelius Huff when making decisions for the Inman community. The members help with any projects the Mayor may have.

“The mayor has allowed us to become involved, make decisions, and also share with us all the exciting things happening in Inman,” said Gramling.

Gramling said that allowing members to participate in community decisions is important as the city attempts to grow.

“Being able to meet, participate in events, attend council meetings and possibly take field trips with the Council is a game changer,” Gramling said. “We want to be involved in our community, and it is only possible when we are able to participate in things.”

Chapman students not only have the opportunity to better their communities, but they also have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children in the district.

Panther Talk is a partnership with Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary School. Chapman students meet virtually with Holly Springs-Motlow students to tutor in various subjects.

“I have loved watching these older students become mentors for the younger students at Holly Springs,” sponsor Jodi Wright said. “Even though we do this virtually, you can tell it just makes the younger students’ day.”

Chapman has provided the students with opportunities that will allow them to leave a legacy for many years to come.

“I truly believe that Inman is growing and improving because they have listened to the younger generation about what they want and value in our community,” said Gramling.