Teacher Feature: Lindsay McMinn


Lindsay McMinn is Chapman High School’s new science teacher.

McMinn originally grew up in Travelers Rest and moved to Inman once she got married. For the fall semester, McMinn was a student-teacher at Boiling Springs High School until she moved here for the spring semester for her first teaching job. 

Being at a new school can be challenging, but it is even more challenging being a new teacher at a new school.

“The biggest challenge has been juggling all of the new things, getting to know the students and creating all my teaching material,” said McMinn. 

McMinn’s students are grateful for her and think she is doing a great job so far. 

“Mrs. McMinn is a great teacher,” said sophomore J.C. Yarbrough. “She is always smiling and is great at helping and including details in her lesson. I’ve really enjoyed her class so far,” 

McMinn said she has enjoyed the people the most.

“The best part has been getting to know all the teachers in the school and getting to know my students,” said McMinn. 

Her students seem to feel the same way.

“She always has a positive attitude and always wants us to do our best,” said Yarbrough. “I truly enjoy having her as one of my teachers this semester.”