Student Spotlight: Kaia Grace Lawter


Our first student spotlight is sophomore Kaia-Grace Lawter. Along with being very involved at Chapman through various clubs such as yearbook, FAR, FCA, and Interact Club, she is also a very dedicated piano player. 

Lawter started playing because her mother played when she was younger along with some guidance from her grandmother. 

She has played for 10 years.

“Playing has affected my life because it’s given me an opportunity to truly be good at something,” said Lawter. 

Lawter has accomplished many things through her music and gotten many opportunities to perform because of her amazing talent. 

“I’ve played at the Spaletto Festival in Charleston, at the Governor’s school, and at many festivals at Furman,” said Lawter. 

Lawter explained that her hard work and dedication truly pay off in the form of unique opportunities and experiences.

“It’s something I’ve truly worked for and gotten to do many things because of things like traveling and playing in cool places,” said Lawter.

School alone is a big-time commitment with endless nights of studying and getting ready for another day of learning, so Lawter is doing double the work.

“It can definitely interfere with my school work because practicing is just like doing homework which can be pretty time-consuming,” said Lawter. “I’m working on three songs right now, but one is 23 pages, so learning something that long takes a long time.”

Time-consuming things such as this can be stressful to a person, but Lawter looks on the brighter side. 

“It’s helped me work on time management,” said Lawter.