What did Chapman teachers want to be when they grew up?

When you think of your future does your brain ever wonder about the possibility of teaching? Well, when all of your teachers were our age, they probably didn’t think they would be where they are now. Most teachers had plans and dreams far different from teaching when they were younger. 

“When I was younger, I never saw myself as a teacher. In fact, in my ninth and tenth-grade year, I wanted to be an interior designer,” said social studies teacher Rachael Edwards. 

When deciding what you’re going to do with your life, you are going to change your mind so many times, but in some rare cases, people can know what they want to do from a very young age.

“I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher,” said English teacher Holly Hollifield. 

“I used to make lesson plans when I was younger for my stuffed animals, and once I got into college I knew I wanted to teach high school because I just like being around young adults and the environment.” 

Although all these teachers are in the same school, they have all made their own way to where they are now, and everyone has a different reason for being where they are now. 

“I wanted to be a pediatrician, but I met the love of my life who had a one-year-old son, and once I realized she would be my wife, I didn’t want my son to grow up with me going through med school, so I switched to economics,” said ESOL teacher Steven Fusaro. 

Some of our teachers had no idea what they wanted to do, but when they thought about the future, their thoughts wandered far from teaching.

“I wanted to be something in law enforcement or maybe be a helicopter pilot, but I met a professor in college who changed my life and made me realize I want to do that for others,” said Assistant Principal Matt Davis. 

Teachers give up more than we realize, and they have sacrificed a lot to be here to teach us.

Many teachers never planned on being where they are now, but aren’t we all glad they ended up where they are now, or else we wouldn’t have all of our amazing teachers who we are all so grateful for.