Chapman students embrace entrepreneurial spirit

Students at Chapman take classes such as entrepreneurship and personal finance. Some students, however, have taken the principles taught in those courses to a new level by starting their own businesses. 

Sophomore Savannah Cantrell runs her own bakery online. 

“I bake desserts and stuff for special events like baby showers and birthdays,” said Cantrell. 

Freshman Caleb Dill makes rings for people in his community. 

“I make rings and other jewelry to give out for free to people in the community who can’t afford them,” said Dill. 

Small businesses help grow social skills and other skills that will be beneficial in the future for these students. These businesses are started in many different ways and can be inspired by different things. 

For Cantrell, her family was a big influence in her decision.

“I started really getting into baking after my papa died, and I decided it was time to start my own business,” said Cantrell. 

In some cases though, our students are just carrying on where someone else left off. 

“My dad started the business 10 years ago, and I picked it up about two years ago,” said Dill.

Both business owners are hopeful that this is only the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. 

“In the future, I want to own my own shop, like an actual building that I can sell from,” said Cantrell.

“I hope to make the business bigger and make it more of a name that people know,” said Dill.