Chapman students spread the Word in local churches


Students at Chapman have the opportunity to be involved in many areas of the community outside of school. One such opportunity is serving local churches and their youth groups. 

Senior Makenna Massey is involved with her youth group at Holston Creek Baptist Church, where she participates in a small group and helps her youth minister plan events. 

According to Massey, any opportunity for her to get involved is beneficial.

“I do my best to demonstrate leadership by doing whatever I can for my youth group, whether that’s help my youth minister plan activities for upcoming trips, contribute my voice in small group discussions or simply showing up to the services,” Massey said.  “No matter if what you’re doing is big or small, it all helps out in the long run.”

Senior Luke Finley serves the youth at Boiling Springs First Baptist Church by leading a small group and helping organize group activities during the summer.

“I do a lot through my church,” Finley said. “Every Wednesday night we have ‘family groups,’ and I lead a group of 12 to 14 eighth grade guys, and we just talk about serving or anything they need help with anything they’re going through in life. During the summer, I go and do small Bible studies with my friends and people at our church since we don’t have youth that much in the summer months. I am also a Kids Fuge leader, which is like a church camp we have, and I have been doing that for three years now.” 

Students who are involved with their youth groups enjoy getting the opportunity to be an influence in the lives of others. 

Senior Luke Culbreth, for example, says he enjoys being a leader in his youth group at First Baptist North Spartanburg because he can set an example for the younger generation, such as his brother. 

“He is involved in the youth and is in the 9th grade. I want to send him out on a good note before I leave,” Culbreth said.

Massey appreciates being able to serve alongside fellow youth group members and better her church.

“I enjoy being a leader in my church because it gives me the chance to speak up and help in areas I see fit,” Massey said. “I can also participate in group discussions with fellow youth leaders and one on one conversations with my youth minister. It means a lot to know that I can help wherever I can in the church and to have others beside me doing the same thing.”

For these students, serving in their church is more than just an activity to put on a resume or college application. 

For junior Adam Moore, serving at Inman First Baptist Church allows him to reflect on the real reason for attending church.

“I do it because it’s more than just saying I volunteer or that I help out here and there,” Moore said. “It’s a good way to keep me humble and remind myself of what is really important and why I go to church in the first place.”

For Finley, being a leader in his youth group not only gives him a chance to see God moving in his church but also a chance to go out and spread the Word of God beyond his church to the entire community. 

“I want to see improvement through not just our church, but the whole upstate and just through the schools as God just moves through everywhere,” Finley said. “It’s really cool to see it and to just be a part of it while God is speaking through me.”