Celebrating Chapman’s assistant principals


Assistant Principals Amy Driggers (top), Matt Davis and Ricky Pace.

During the first week of April each year, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the American Federation of School Administrators recognize and honor the enormous contributions that assistant principals provide to schools and student success. 

At Chapman High School, we are blessed with three of the most dedicated APs around. 

Assistant principals have multiple responsibilities: balancing the demands of being a resource for teachers, supporting students, responding to parents and managing a school’s daily operations. Mr. Davis, Mrs. Driggers and Mr. Pace demonstrate and exemplify several quality attributes that make our school a better place. 

First, the three of them take initiative. They take the lead on identifying student and teacher needs, bring fresh approaches to managing tough situations and are there when people need them. 

Secondly, they practice active listening. This is critical in a high school environment. 

Students want to be heard, and they need to be heard. Conversely, faculty and staff want to be heard as well. Their utilization of active listening allows for quality conversations and thoughtful exchanges to occur, bringing out the best in us all. 

Next, they wholeheartedly advocate for teachers and students. Advocacy requires getting to know each individual on campus personally to develop an understanding of how different ideas and activities affect them. This practice increases the morale and cooperation of all involved with Chapman High School. 

Next, our AP team leads with compassion and empathy. The best administrators leave lasting impressions on faculty, staff and students. 

We are blessed to have an Assistant Principal team who understands how to treat all people with respect and fairness. As leaders, they see their fellow colleagues and students and identify with all to develop a deeper understanding of struggles, talents and dreams. 

Ultimately, we are grateful for Mr. Davis, Mrs. Driggers and Mr. Pace for all they do. We celebrate them not only during Assistant Principal Week but daily for what they mean to us at Chapman High School!