Weightlifting classes should be available to all athletes

Athletes at Chapman get the opportunity to take a weightlifting class for at least one semester during each year of their high school career. I think this opportunity should be available to all students at Chapman. 

As a dressage rider and an interscholastic athlete for the United States Equestrian Federation, it would be very beneficial to me to be able to take a weightlifting class. 

Many argue that riding is not a sport. I’d argue it definitely is, and I am confident weightlifting would help me be a better rider in the saddle. 

Every day after I ride, I come home, eat supper and then work out with my paid workout program. The program encourages me to cross train with weights and running. 

After working out to make myself a better athlete, I often have homework to do. It makes my nights long and makes it hard to wake up in the mornings. 

Having a weights class during the day could provide me with more time to finish my homework and then go to bed so I have an adequate amount of sleep to do it all again the next day.  

There is always the question of insurance and liability of students that don’t play a sport at Chapman. 

I think that there would be a simple resolution to the problem. 

As long as the student has a parent’s permission, the student should be able to lift weights. The school could even make a sports physical a prerequisite. 

I would certainly get a physical for the  chance to lift weights and improve my athletic ability. 

The benefits go beyond that as well. Research shows that a weightlifting class encourages people to have a better mindset and to set goals. 

I’m lucky to have a workout program that shows me how to do workouts, but not everyone has that option. A weightlifting class provides equipment and adequate instruction to ensure that you are safely lifting weights. 

It is great that we help athletes be the best version of themselves, but that opportunity should be extended to all athletes, not just the ones who are officially a part of the school’s athletic program.