Thank you, Chapman, for our best year ever

Hello, Chapman High School. We are The Prowl staff, and we want to say thank you.

Thank you for continuing to read our articles, watch our Hall Talks and “Chapman Thinks” videos and view our photo galleries. Thank you for following us on our Instagram and Twitter accounts and liking our posts. 

Thank you for continuing to let us interview you, take pictures of you and feature you on our site. Thank you for reading our emails and responding to our surveys for student extracurriculars and Panther PROPs. 

Seniors, thank you, thank you, thank you for submitting your senior wills. It’s pretty cool to have your name in print, isn’t it?

Teachers, thank you for responding to our Teacher Hobbies survey and letting us interview you and your students. Thank you for supporting The Prowl and getting just as excited about our print issues as we do.

Thanks to all of you, this year has been the most interactive year with the Chapman student body that The Prowl has ever had. 

From the content on our website to the print edition we gave you last semester to the issue you’re holding in your hands right now, we’ve had higher levels of engagement than ever before. 

We hope you’ll keep viewing our content on our website and reading our print issues, but we also hope you will join us and help make The Prowl come to life. 

Already so many of you are signed up to join the staff in the fall, and we couldn’t be more excited for you all to come on board.

But if you like to write, or want to become a better writer, or like to take pictures, or design layout, or make videos, or go out and talk to people, or make videos and be on camera, or hold the camera behind the scenes, or if you just want to pick up a new hobby and haven’t already signed up to take the class, then The Prowl is for you. 

Thank you again for reading this semester’s print issue and continuing to support your school newspaper. We hope to keep interacting with and featuring all of you in years to come.