Standards of professional presentation should change

In certain professions, tattoos and unnatural hair can be seen as unprofessional. Professions that recommend you shouldn’t have tattoos or unnatural hair color are  lawyers, military and healthcare. 

What you choose to do to your body shouldn’t make you seem unprofessional. Some people say tattoos and unnatural hair colors can make you seem unreliable, but you won’t be worse in your profession if you have either. In fact, those who judge you are being more unprofessional in this instance.

Tattoos and fun-colored hair can be seen as a form of self expression, and we shouldn’t limit that. Although not all tattoos are appropriate in public, many are special for some reason, and people should be allowed to show those.

If your profession requires a certain dress code about unnatural hair color and tattoos then you must follow the dress code, but we should revisit those dress codes to allow people to be their best selves.