Coming back after a year away

I joined The Prowl my freshman year and fell in love with writing for Chapman’s newspaper. 

As seen on TV shows and movies, coming into high school is a super scary thing. Being on the newspaper staff my first year of high school gave me exposure to the entire school and got my name out there. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my family members preferred for me to stay home and complete my sophomore year online. Trying to stay away from the germs and bad cases at the time really had its consequences.  I took eight classes online, and after a whole year, I was more than ready to attend in-person classes again. 

I really longed for an in-person teacher and instruction, and I was so ready to get back into how it was during my freshman year. 

After coming back from quarantine, it was like I was going to high school for the first time…again. 

I was over the moon when I found out that not only did my junior year schedule allow newspaper one semester, but both semesters. 

Coming back to the staff, I got to meet the new members that joined last year and got to see all my old friends during interviews or hall talks. 

Over time, I feel as though my writing skills, along with interview skills, have improved tremendously. I have truly been able to figure out what questions to ask during an interview to get the best answers possible. 

It has been super special coming back to one of my dearest friends, Juliana Coates, being promoted to Editor of The Prowl.

Being able to take our broadcasting experience from our elementary days at New Prospect to crafting articles for Chapman has been such an amazing experience. 

As part of the staff, I was definitely more aware of everything going on at Chapman. 

It is a super rewarding feeling knowing that our school has so much going on while recovering from COVID times. 

The biggest reward this year had to be producing an actual newspaper for each semester. Our hard work as a staff really showed in the print issue, and I loved getting to see the student body read it in admiration. 

I am so excited to take on my last year of newspaper my senior year and look forward to improving my articles more and more. It is so fulfilling getting to document the fun things happening at Chapman.