People should not be judged for their media preferences

What sorts of media would you say you like?  More often than not, you’d say something more mainstream, as that is what’s popular.  

There is nothing wrong with liking things that are popular, but there is something wrong with judging people for not liking said things.

Some less mainstream things, like Internet cartoons such as “Eddsworld” or “Crash Zoom” or story-oriented video games like “Omori” can really connect with the viewer.  

Yet, these sorts of interests are usually demeaned as “weird” when put against things like “Stranger Things” or “Heartstopper.”  

Comparing different sorts of media simply because they are cartoons or anime and deeming them weird because of that is, to put it plainly, unfair.  

The fanbases for these sorts of things is usually deemed weird as well, but the fanbase for “Stranger Things,” for example, can also be overwhelming and bad to a degree.  It is just dismissed due to the mainstream-ity of it.  

Media can mean something to anyone. Saying someone is stupid because of what media they consume is downright mean.  Turn the tables around, and think about how it’d feel for you to get made fun of for liking something.  It seems unfair, doesn’t it?  

Just as “Stranger Things” may be important to you, “Omori” may be important to someone else, and that someone else may be very hurt by being made fun of, as people are.  To quote every parent on the planet, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

I’m not saying that you should like these things, nor am I saying you’re terrible for liking popular things, but I am saying people should reconsider judging people just for liking things you may think are “weird.”  

It is straight-up mean and hurtful to be judged poorly just because of what media you like, and it’s become quite tiring.