Male-dominated executive council looks to make a difference this school year

Let’s hear it for the boys!

For the first time in Chapman history, all males have been elected for this year’s 2022-2023 student council executive committee. Senior Camden Souther is the student body President, senior Dalton Mahaffey is Vice President, senior Graham Leonard is Secretary, senior Adam Moore is Treasurer and Junior Matthew Davis is Historian.

With COVID-19 cases decreasing this year, there is excitement about being able to do more with and for the student body. 

“This year I am most excited for assemblies because I have never been able to be involved in one since COVID-19,” said Davis. 

The upperclassmen have had many restrictions because of COVID-19 during their high school careers. 

“I joined student council with the intention of making a difference in our school and trying to get morale back after a rough few years due to COVID,” said Moore.

Even with most of these men holding student council positions in previous school years, the massive sweep of the executive ballot did not come easy. 

“To campaign, we came up with some famous themes such as the Backstreet Boys, Minions, Power Rangers, Spiderman and just made them into posters to hang around the school,” said Souther. “We also would just tell whoever we could to vote for each of us to have the best chance of winning.”

Social media was a vital part of their campaigning, but they also campaigned by word of mouth during the school day. 

“We all had to do our own planning so I went around and talked to people,” said Mahaffey. 

Since getting these major roles of representing and ruling the school, the boys have been at work to make this 2022-2023 school year the best year yet. 

“If I am supposed to get something done, it’s going to get done,” said Leonard. 

That is the mentality all of the guys have. They have been working hard to organize pep rallies, volleyball tournaments, and lots of other events for the students. 

“Bringing back a sense of normality by inserting pep rallies and other events that make school fun is what I’m most excited for,” said Moore. 

Having all males on the student council did raise some eyebrows in the sense that boys may not have the creativity or artistic talent as girls. 

“Males tend to be less artistic and creative, so when it comes to advertising, that’s what we have to get better at,” said Souther. 

The guys assure that they are willing to work on their creativity and that they will do so as a collective.

“I wouldn’t really say that gender matters, it’s about how determined a person is,” said Leonard. 

Determination is something that each of the executive officers has shown. The five attended meetings and get-togethers even before the school year started. 

Each of these positions holds a special contribution to the executive committee, making them one. 

“I make a good president because I have always been someone that people can come to for anything,” said Souther. 

“I believe I make a good vice president because I can support Camden in anything he needs, but also if I was asked to be in control of some things, I could,” said Mahaffey.

“I make a good secretary because I am dependable and trustworthy,” said Leonard. 

“I believe I make a good treasurer because I understand my job and have experience with money,” said Moore.

“I believe that I make a good historian because I am involved in the school,” said Davis.

“We all have our strong suits that can be put together to make a great executive committee,” said Mahaffey. 

Each individual explains that even despite the skeptics or difficulties, they work together to overcome and progress. 

“The best thing about student council to me is the sense of comradery with everyone involved,” said Moore. “No one really has any issues with each other, and we can plan and coordinate events with no problem.”

Behind everyone involved, there is a specific reason why they joined student council. Maybe being in student council since middle school, their parents thought it was a good idea, or their friends were doing it so they joined in. The main thing is making Chapman a better place. 

“The reason I joined student council is to have a say in what goes on at our school,” said Mahaffey. “I also want to make a difference inside the school so the student body can look forward to our planned activities.”

These 5 guys are looking to leave a lasting impression on the underclassmen and a standard for many years to come. 

“I look forward to leaving a lasting impression on future students of Chapman High School,” said Souther. 

It is important to this executive committee to allow students to have a say in their school year. 

“I love being able to make changes and make an impact on people’s lives,” said Davis.  

These fun activities will in fact make an impact on the students of Chapman and make memories worth a lifetime.