Different learning techniques help keep students engaged

Keeping students engaged is one of the most important things to having a successful class. Teachers here at Chapman do a fantastic job going above and beyond to teach their classes with different learning techniques. With this students are about to learn and remember what they are doing in school.

When teaching students, teachers need a lot of variety to keep them engaged. 

I like to do things where you collaborate with groups, but also with anything that you like to see and touch,” said CATE teacher Chelsie Skinner. 

Collaborating in groups helps students to get another idea or opinion from one of their peers to help to see it in a different way.

“Group activities and projects that allow students to be creative,” said science teacher Lindsay McMinn. 

Even if you do a variety of different techniques, it also depends on how the teacher approaches the assignments. 

“I like to be somewhat dramatic in my teaching styles, ” said English teacher Susan Hall. 

Using different types of learning techniques gives students a different look at what they are learning.

“It helps you to remember things a lot better,” said senior Clara Gramling. Having unique learning techniques that helps the class, then it will make things a lot easier to remember.

Here at Chapman High School, every student loves to have fun. 

“Having fun in the classroom, but also being serious about the material,” says Gramling. It is important to make sure that the material is given to have a good time but the students also know that the assignments are important.

School isn’t all about making sure that you get work done, but also that students are learning, engaged, and having fun. Gramling and many other students appreciate what the faculty and staff here at Chapman bring to creative learning techniques.

“You have to find what’s right for the students,” she said.