Colson wins District 1 Teacher of the Year


Sitting in the audience listening to Jenna Brock, last year’s district teacher of the year and teacher at O. P. Earle, about to make a big announcement, Alex Colson was taken completely by surprise when her name was the one called. 

“I was in complete shock,” she said. “I just sat there for a minute with my mouth wide open and once it sank in I was just overwhelmed with emotion.”

Colson is an English teacher, basketball coach, the 2022 Chapman teacher of the year and as of August 12th she is the ‘22 Spartanburg School District One teacher of the year. 

“The whole experience is very surreal, and it’s such a privilege that I get to represent Chapman and the things going on here at the district level,” said Colson. 

Being district teacher of the year is a big deal, and Colson’s colleagues believe she represents the school and the district well.

“She is perfect for the position because she strives to gather and gain relationships with her students whether it’s in the classroom or on the court,” Assistant Principal Matt Davis. “She loves them, and she loves the school.”

Colson is always sure to be there for her students no matter the problem. 

“She’s a mother figure to some of her students and she is respected by the students in her class,” said Davis. 

Colson builds a personal relationship with her students in order to understand them better and be able to target their specific needs in order to be a better teacher. 

“She’s a phenomenal teacher,” said virtual lab teacher Ricky Pace. “All of her students love her because she goes out of her way to make sure all of her students are taken care of and prepared for whatever comes next.”

Colson will spend the next year working with district and governmental leaders to help shape educational policy. She’ll also have a chance to vie for state teacher of the year. 

And in all of that, she’ll represent Chapman proudly.

“It is just such a true honor to have won and to get to represent this amazing school,” said Colson.