The Prowl

The Prowl

An open letter to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Gracie Bryant, Editor

February 16, 2018

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School went to school on a normal Tuesday, one that would turn into a life-altering day, changing their perspective on everything around them.   The students went to the school they’ve be...

A price to pay for the words you say

Gracie Bryant, Editor

January 25, 2018

There are a handful of things that hurt people: heartbreak, school stress, anxieties. But above all of these things, something is proven to hit hard to every person that falls victim is verbal bullying in the form of rumors and gossi...

How should we fight the flu?

Priscilla Khiev, Staff Writer

January 24, 2018

We start this new year with an epidemic of the flu and the controversy still stands: should we or should we not use vaccines? On one side of the spectrum, moms all across the nation are arguing that vaccinations demonstrate a...

Should the school year be longer?

Cassidy Bell, Staff Writer

December 14, 2017

As the end of 2017 approaches, students are anticipating Christmas break with its two whole weeks of getting to do whatever they want until the second semester starts. However, some think a longer school calendar would be better. Ma...

Finding what matters

Gracie Bryant, Editor

November 16, 2017

Likes on your Instagram picture, retweets on Twitter, how many streaks you have on Snapchat--all things that society say matter. But do they, in the grand scheme of things, truly matter? For a while, I focused on these thi...

Handling school stress

Gracie Bryant, Editor

October 6, 2017

Throughout school I’ve always been a perfectionist and often times far too hard on myself. There have been times where I’ve lain in my bed worrying about a test or project that I have the next day and if I truly know all of ...

How food standards are changing

Lane Penley, Editor

October 5, 2017

There are many new standards for what we can and cannot eat at school. The government controls the foods that are served and sold during school hours. There are strict regulations regarding serving size, sodium and sugar. This ...


Gracie Bryant, Editor

September 27, 2017

Passion (noun): strong and barely controllable emotion. Passion is something that I’ve always had towards anything I do. Whether it’s writing or singing, I always strive to put all the effort I can towards bettering it and m...

Mabry students on Chapman teams

Gracie Bryant, Editor

September 27, 2017

In a small school the majority of the time there aren’t enough funds or people to make full sports teams or groups. As seen in District One with Chapman and Mabry, middle school students often look towards the high school wh...

Issues with the MPAA ratings

Kyle Wilson, Staff Writer

September 22, 2017

Since Nov. 1, 1968, the MPAA Rating System has monitored films by setting a rating for them. The Ratings Board sets the rating of the film on a scale from G to NC-17 based on the content in the film including violence, langua...

How necessary is a college education?

Cassidy Bell, Staff Writer

September 15, 2017

In today’s world, a college education is essential to have a bright future. We are told at an early age that going to college is very important; however, getting in and paying can be very difficult. In order to get in, your grades need to be g...