Virtual classes offer opportunities for students

MayLeigh Chapman, Staff Writer

Have you ever thought about taking an online class? Well, at Chapman, you can.

Online classes are controversial; one guidance counselor, Carrie Pollard, identified several pros and cons.

One of the pros is that students can move at their own pace. In addition, Pollard said that there are some course offerings available virtually that aren’t offered on-campus.

Coates has taken two online classes already: Gateway to Technology and Physical Education. She recommends the technology course but found the PE class difficult. According to Coates, the PE class was a lot more work than a normal PE class.

Online classes may have some of the same content, but there are aspects of them that are different. “In a real PE class, you’re not going to learn about aerobic and anaerobic exercise,” Coates said.

So, are online classes worth it? Pollard said that depends on the student.

“Some students do extremely well with the online classes, but some students are the type of student who do better with a physical teacher in front of them,” Pollard said.