Early graduation comes with considerations

Allie Wright, Staff Writer

Out of Chapman’s graduating class of 2020, 34 students graduated a semester early. 

Freshman Gabby Friere said that she is considering graduating early.

“Graduating early just makes sense when you are ahead on your credits,” she said.

Some early graduates will work during the spring semester then go on to college. While this allowed them to save money for college, it is not recommended because it causes some students to get out of their routine.  

Others have gone on to college in efforts to tackle a lengthy major in medicine or law and, according to guidance counselor Carrie Pollard, this is its real purpose. 

Unbound, a college assistance website, says to ask these three questions when considering graduating early: “Do I know what I want?”, “Will graduating early affect my scholarship eligibility?”, and “Have I talked to a counselor?”

Graduating early comes with its hardships, like being able to get all credits completed in time.

“I have to make sure I get all of the required courses out of the way, like computer courses,” Freire said. 

Pollard tells students that earlier they take challenging courses, the better. She advises that students should seek which courses they can take early so they won’t have a full load during their senior year. 

“You just need to let us know as soon as possible that you are wanting to graduate early so that we can plan during your IGP,” Pollard said. 

While graduating early has its perks, Pollard believes that taking dual credit courses and remaining a student is also a great choice.

“I think there is something to be said for being a senior in high school and just enjoying your senior year,” Pollard said.