The seriousness of vaping

Ethan Onate, Staff Writer

There have been many problems with teen vaping in schools across the world. The effects of vaping have the potential to ruin a student’s life.

“The scariest things about vaping is that it’s so new, and we don’t exactly know what all the effects are, and there is new research about a new disease,” Assistant Principal Amy Walker said. 

One thousand people have become sick due to vaping, and 150 cases were people 18 and under. The youngest person to become ill from vaping was 13 years old. 

Because vaping is dangerous, Chapman has strict punishments for those who do it on campus.

“First offense is out-of-school suspension, and you get a ticket from our resource officer for a little bit over $100 that comes with a court date,” Walker said.

Although the punishments increase the more often a student is caught doing this on campus, Walker acknowledges the challenges in policing such behavior.

“I don’t think there’s a policy that can(address all the issues) because you can make all the policy you want, kids are going to make their own choices and decisions,” Walker said.

Schools have had various types of ideas to try and have a good environment at school such as the ‘Vape Detector.’ It’s a challenge still, though, and Walker thinks education is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.“I think all we can do is continue to educate kids on the effects of vaping and do our best to control it here as much as we can,” Walker said.