Student safety is paramount

Ethan Onate, Staff Writer

School is a place that is supposed to be a safe and healthy environment. All of Chapman’s teachers and faculty are trained. 

“The teachers know the protocols of concerns, being aware of things or people or situations that could arise,” Assistant Principal Amy Driggers said. Amy Driggers. 

Driggers said every decision is made with the students in mind.

“We do anything to protect the students,” she said.

The safety features at Chapman keep everyone in the school safe, and they can prevent any situation from occurring. There is a buzz system to know who is trying to enter the building and the ones controlling the doors can decide whether or not to let them in. 

Another safety feature is drills. Students have to participate in these drills, which helps them understand how to approach it. The doors also lock automatically once closed.

“When students are in a crisis or situation of a true emergency, their ability to think and process shuts down, and when they drill enough, it becomes an automatic response so they don’t freeze up and don’t make poor choices,” said Driggers. 

“We have kids from age fourteen to nineteen in the building and they need reassurance from the school so they know they are safe.”