Entreprenuership provides life lessons for students

MayLeigh Chapman, Staff Writer

Having trouble managing money? Will Maley’s Entrepreneurship class may be for you. 

Students learn about the stock market, the best ways to save and get money fast and how to handle life in general. Students also have the opportunity to “manage” a business and learn life lessons from Maley. 

This class is valuable in so many ways. It helps you in other classes and teaches important life lessons. 

It helped freshman Elsie Bulgaru because it was a mixture of all four core classes: math, English, science, and social studies. 

“Using all of these subjects in one class really helped [her] see how they can all work together,” she said. 

The most valuable thing sophomore Oksana Andryushenko learned was that, “life is not easy and you have to work hard to live well.” 

This was often the moral of all of Maley’s stories: work hard, and you can be successful. 

Entrepreneurship taught sophomore Cyrus Aho, a sophomore, “how to save money better and invest in the stock market.” 

These students all learned different things in Maley’s class, but one thing was clear: everyone loved Maley’s life lessons. 

“My favorite part was just having Mr. Maley talk to us about all these life lessons,” Aho said. 

“I have never taken a class before that taught me so much about the real world,” Bulgaru said. “I definitely think there should be more classes like this.”