Yearbook staff completes book despite challenging circumstances

Elizabeth Franklin, Allie Wright, and MayLeigh Chapman

MayLeigh Chapman, Staff Writer

At Chapman, the yearbook staff has had to make many adjustments because of COVID-19 to make sure they get the yearbook finished. 

The final publication deadline for the yearbook is in March even though the book doesn’t get released until May. The school closure came at a difficult time for the staff.

“When we left school on March 13, (the yearbook staff was) working on (their) final deadline of the year,” adviser Alex Hollis said.

The yearbook staff had about 37 pages left to complete and had to adjust the production process. 

“The yearbook staff had to work really hard to finish the book by teleconferencing, texting and calling friends, and relying on each staff member to work remotely and complete their tasks,” Hollis said.

Despite the challenges the yearbook staff faced, they overcame and finished the yearbook. 

“You don’t know how much you rely on access to others until you don’t have that access,” Hollis said. “Thankfully, technology exists that allows us to contact people and we worked together to finish the job.”