An all-new yearbook experience for Chapman: YBK+

Yearbook+ adds digital element to printed medium



Yearbook+, or YBK+, is a new digital experience from Jostens.

This year, Chapman’s yearbook program is taking part in Yearbook+. 

Yearbook+, or YBK+, is the newest interactive yearbook experience from Jostens that aims to empower and include students through technology. 

YBK+ allows the student body to scan each other’s portraits and see pictures that other students chose to represent themselves. 

Students can also upload pictures to clubs, sports and events.

Jostens aspires to make YBK+ an “engaging, inspiring, and truly inclusive yearbook experience,” and that lets students “tell their story,” but because it is the first year of YBK+, the school fully expects issues.

“The hardest part of (YBK+) is going to be getting students to recognize and participate in something brand new,” said yearbook adviser Alex Hollis, who described himself as “hopeful” towards this new project.

The Panorama staff has promoted YBK+ through emails, flyers, and posters around the school to gain new users for this brand new experience.

Currently, the deadline for uploading photos is the end of April but may be adjusted to be closer to the release date due to the number of participants taking a part of YBK+. 

Hollis said that he hopes YBK+ will allow students the opportunity to experience the yearbook in a new way.

“(YBK+) gives you more flexibility because you can do things … that are not part of a limited space on a printed medium,” said Hollis. “Understanding that the yearbook is a physical item but expanding into the digital space, I think, is a key to making yearbook relevant as we move forward.” 

To contribute photos to YBK+, go to on your mobile device and follow instructions or see Dr. Hollis in room 323.