Chapman responds to McMaster’s restriction easing

Recently Gov. Henry McMaster, along with governors around the country, have begun loosening COVID-19 restrictions. 

To some, this is exciting news and to others, it can be worrisome. 

Assistant Principal Amy Driggers, who is a former biology teacher, believes that we should wait a little longer before lifting protocol and is anxious things could take a bad turn. 

“I just wish we would wait just a little longer because we’ve only just started doing vaccinations en masse for about a month,” said Driggers. 

Others are less worried about the loosening of restrictions. 

Biology teacher Tina Gragg believes that lifting mask mandates won’t make a very big difference and that there some benefits in lifting it. 

“I think any measures that can be taken to get things closer to normal will improve attitudes in general especially as the weather gets warmer and mask-wearing becomes more uncomfortable in the heat,” said Gragg. 

The change in COVID protocol is also a big deal for students.

Like Gragg, freshman Gracie Loftis thinks loosening restrictions will have a positive effect on people.

“I think it’s a good idea to lift the protocol because I know people are tired of wearing masks and it will make a lot of people happier,” said Loftis. 

Freshman Madeline winters also believe that the move towards normalcy is inevitable and needed. 

“We can’t stay like this forever because it really takes a toll on people after a while,” said Winters.