Davis becomes new assistant principal


If you come in through the bus entrance, you may notice someone new sitting at the desk that belonged to Mr. Loso last semester.

Matt Davis, formerly a science teacher, has stepped in as the new assistant principal. 

“It’s a big change for me because I love the students and the relationship in the classroom, but at the same time in this role, I can kinda get to know the whole school better, ” he said.

Davis is no stranger to the role of assistant principal and has had experience with administration at three different schools. Before coming to Chapman, he was principal at Cowpens Middle School.

The administration has been looking to hire a permanent fourth administrator, and Davis said he’s more than happy to help the school he loves.

“I wanna be a helper no matter what happens,” said Davis. 

As an administrator, he wants to further the development of a community-like atmosphere here at Chapman which he believes is a key component in many of Chapman’s great achievements such as low dropout rates and winning awards like Palmetto’s Finest and Blue Ribbon. 

“When you build that community atmosphere you can do anything,” said Davis. 

Davis wants to create an environment and culture where students look out for each other and help one another grow not just academically but as humans as well. 

“The culture I want to create is when one student isn’t doing their job, another student jumps in and encourages them to do what’s right,” said Davis. 

In the classroom as a teacher and in the halls as an administrator, Davis makes an effort to be as inclusive as possible in building relationships with students.

“I try my best to speak to everybody in the school,” said Davis.

Davis hopes that by trying to establish strong relationships with students, he can better understand their needs and dissolve the often stigmatized relationships students have with teachers and administrators. 

“A classroom is a microcosm of the entire school,” said Davis. 

This is why he carries with him as an administrator the same philosophies as he carries in the classroom. 

“If a student had to buy a ticket to come into your classroom, would they buy it?” said Davis. “It’s the same thing with administration. Would they buy a ticket to your school?”