The impact of Cartoon Network’s cancellation

When people of this generation think of cartoons, one of the channels that generally comes to mind is Cartoon Network — if you had cable, at least. Cartoon Network was a host to a lot of classic cartoons, such as Adventure Time or The Amazing World of Gumball.

Cartoon Network’s cancellation and the subsequent axing of several shows have had quite an impact. Shows like Infinity Train and OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes have been removed from every streaming service and any mention on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel has been deleted. The only way to access them is piracy (which the creator of Infinity Train actively encourages), but that’s illegal, and most kids of the right demographic don’t even get to be introduced to these shows.

Additionally, the creators of these shows weren’t told a thing regarding the deletion of the shows they spent days upon days working on. At all. The first time the writers, animators and producers,  were told about the removal of their shows was when Cartoon Network told the public.

“I’m not the biggest TV watcher,” said sophomore Olivia Tate, “but those shows had so much hard work and love put into them. I feel like it really shows how much (big corporations) really don’t care about people and care more about cash.”

Indeed, the axing of several cartoons was that. Cartoon Network was preparing for a merger between it and Discovery+, and the titles being removed are, in fact, the less popular, less money-grabbing shows.

Additionally, some shows are being stopped before their proper ending. While this show’s cancellation isn’t related to the merger, The Owl House was canceled before it could receive its proper conclusion, and thus, it’s being crunched into a 3-episode season for the finale. 

“Sure, nothing lasts forever,” junior Laney Johnson said, “but prematurely ending shows with an unsatisfactory ending because of a lower plot development just ruins everything.”

Infinity Train, a recently canceled show, did have hope for another season before the total removal of it. Infinity Train is known for its worldbuilding and excellent character writing, and it, alongside the other shows that were unfairly removed, had lots of time, effort and most importantly of all, love put into them… only for them to get taken away with no warning, dashing all hopes of a continuation. The removal of Infinity Train leaves more questions than answers regarding the show’s lore itself and the production behind it, as The Owl House was canceled for similar reasons.

Cartoon Network meant a lot to the people of our generation. The removal of shows may have soiled it.

“Personally, the effect of Cartoon Network ending shows early has ruined some of my great memories of the past,” Johnson said.