Sloan assumes administrative responsibilities for spring


Math teacher Drew Sloan has been in education for 12 years, the last five in District One. Recently, he assumed administrative duties at Chapman working primarily with technology and student services.

Although this is his first semester not in the classroom, he takes a lot from teaching into an administration role. 

“Both roles if you’re not in education to help kids, you’re in the wrong field,” Sloan said. 

Building relationships is the most important part of teaching, according to Sloan, and he enjoys those relationships in this new role as well. 

“I get to interact with students, teachers, maintenance workers, bus drivers, and substitutes,” he said. “It keeps me going.” Sloan is a Chapman graduate, and one of the interesting challenges he faces is working with students whose parents were his school peers.

“It was intimidating at first, but that is a unique, special part for me,” Sloan said. 

By stepping into this role, Sloan has helped fill administrative gaps. The current administration is thankful for his work. 

“Sloan is great,” Assistant Principal Amy Driggers said. “He has taken every gap we needed.” 

Sloan has wanted to be an administrator since his second year in teaching. Now that he is taking those responsibilities, he is excited for what the future holds.

“You should always be looking for ways to better yourself,” he said.