CREATIVE CORNER: “Sebastian and Kennedy” Part 2 – Kennedy’s Journal

CREATIVE CORNER: “Sebastian and Kennedy” Part 1 – Sebastian’s Journal


As each day goes by, I’m starting to hate myself more and more. I feel worthless. All my friends pushed me out because I’m not rich and I’m not as pretty as they are. I have no real friends, and for the first time ever I have to sit alone at lunch. It’s so embarrassing. It’s so hard to keep myself from crying during the day because I’m just so stressed all the time. It feels like my whole life is just school and work. My manager, Steven, keeps putting me on the schedule when he knows I have school. I know why he does it. He’s probably still upset because I turned down his offer to go on a date. I can keep myself together during the day, but when I get home I fall apart and break down. I have nobody to talk to. I don’t want to bother mom and dad because they’re also struggling at the moment. The last thing they need is their daughter telling them she has self-worth issues and that all her friends they ask about don’t speak to her and that she’s been lying for the past two weeks about them. On top of all this, my chances of ever speaking to Sebastian are at an all-time low. He catches me staring all the time, especially at lunch. I know he thinks I’m just some weird girl who sits alone. Why me? Why? I just wanna go away. So far from here.