A review of “Steel Magnolias”


On Friday, my grandmother, mother, and I attended Chapman’s new play, “Steel Magnolias.” 

This play is about a girl named Shelby who lives in a small, rural town. At the beginning of the play, she gets married, and the audience gets to witness her go through life while battling her diabetes. 

It was such a lovely girls’ night as we couldn’t have enjoyed the play more! 

Each scene was placed in the hair salon. If you have seen the movie before, you know that the female characters come here to get their hair done of course, but also to hear the local gossip. 

The stage setup was so amazing and truly looked like the one in the movie! I was very impressed with each transition. The stage members were so effective and changed the scenes in a timely fashion. 

The play was broken down into four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. It was so nicely organized that you could easily distinguish which of the four seasons the play was currently in. I was so impressed with the actresses and how accurately they fit their roles. 

Because each scene was placed in the hair salon, the play only consisted of the six main women in the movie. Truvy, the hair salon owner, is full of spunk and all things girly! Annelle, the hair assistant, is very shy and very religious. Clairee is very proper and always has the latest styles. Ouiser is uptight and very set in her ways. M’Lynn, Shelby’s mother, is very protective and always seems to be on edge about something. Shelby, the main character, has the daily struggle of being a diabetic, but always has a sweet deposition. 

Each actress from the Chapman theatre was spot on with their specific roles. Although I have watched the movie multiple times, it was so entertaining to come and watch my talented peers put on such a wonderful performance.