CREATIVE CORNER: “Sebastian and Kennedy” Part 3 – Sebastian’s Journal

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11/10/16 Sebastian

Before you even ask, no, I did not talk to Kennedy. Now look, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not like that. I saw her talking to this guy, Evan. I hate him. He thinks he’s someone special because he can kind of throw a football. He isn’t even the number one quarterback, he’s actually number 3. Colton and Alonzo are both hurt that’s the only reason he’s even off the bench. What’s even sadder is that I bet he already has Kennedy charmed, but then again his ego is so big I’m surprised he would even talk to her. Here I am, after I said I wouldn’t, being distracted by girls I can’t even build up the courage to talk to. Tomorrow I will talk to her, regardless of who I’ve seen her talking to. Besides this disaster, everything else is actually going pretty well. Mom got a raise, and dad is working less. Oh, and my paper for Harvard is half done so soon I won’t even be worried about it. Tomorrow I’m doing it… or Jack is going to tease me to death about it.