Should cancel culture be canceled?

Cancel culture: the popular practice of withdrawing support for public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.

But is this really effective? Does this really help people take accountability for their actions? 

Some would argue that canceling someone is better for society; others would say it is toxic. While people still need to be held accountable for offensive things they have said or done, cancel culture does the complete opposite of this and only brings shame to others. Instead of educating someone on how what they said could be offensive or hurtful, it just allows for more hateful comments towards the person they feel should be “canceled.” 

According to the website “Insider,” cancel culture can also affect mental health. If someone gets accused of something they didn’t do or false claims were made, it could be really hard for them to defend themselves. 

People can continue to not believe or say mean things because they haven’t done their own research or provide evidence for what they are accusing of. Some people have taken it too far to try and get people kicked out of school or a specific group they are a part of because of these false accusations, which can really affect the rest of their lives. 

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, are all being used to call out famous celebrities for their actions. When someone finds something they think is offensive, they immediately post about it, calling out that specific person or celebrity. Even if it’s something from years ago before they were even famous, they still are being called out for their actions, which is something that needs to happen, but shouldn’t be done in the wrong way. 

A mature person would ask for an apology and educate them on why that was wrong, while others would shame them and want them out of the public eye immediately. Does social media cause people to maybe be “too sensitive” about specific topics?

Even though there are some things that people have said towards specific races and cultures or about someone’s sexual orientation that should be addressed, are there other things that people are just finding a reason to be mad about that wasn’t offensive and didn’t go against these things? Some people are finding things to be upset about such as telling someone how to take care of their children because of a parenting lifestyle they may not agree with. Cancel culture is just a reason for more hate, it isn’t to help educate.