Weather can affect people’s moods

Weather can affect moods depending on the person. Not everyone is affected by the change of weather in the same way. Seasonal affective disorder is a disorder that causes a change in mood with the change of weather, it is also known as SAD.

When the humidity is higher, it can lower concentration and increase sleepiness. When the humidity is lower, it can increase discomfort and cause dehydration. The water vapors and condensation create an increase and decrease in humidity.

Rain can include fog and cold air. Fog can make it difficult to see, it could also be the cause of traffic. Cold air can produce a runny nose and cough. All of this could put people in a horrible mood.

A sunny day can have the opposite effect. It can produce a fun and happy feeling. When it is sunny you can go to the beach, swim, hang out with friends. 

Weather can affect people’s moods in good ways and bad ways.