The complexities of quarantining during COVID-19


Elizabeth Franklin

Elizabeth Franklin, Staff Writer

While the nationwide quarantine efforts are a source of stress for some, they’re also a source of relief from hectic schedules. 

As an overworked teenager struggling through her junior year, the “break” from school came as a much needed repose… until I remembered I was still in school.

While no teachers have gone overboard, my peers and I have noticed just how challenging it is to complete schoolwork from home and how much more difficult it is to complete work when we’re at home versus when we’re in school. 

But nevermind the workload: What kind of a social and personal impact is this quarantine having on people? 

Even as the older generation is giving younger generations grief for not adhering to quarantine rules and continuing to go out, it can be hard for some teenagers to stay home. 

As spring begins, many people are just now able to overcome their seasonal depression and get back to a normal life, but when forced to stay inside the house, despite the increased daylight hours, it can still be extremely difficult to fully overcome the symptoms. This is true for both teenagers and adults who suffer from seasonal depression, but teens are the ones being criticized because this isn’t considered; teens are assumed to be going out to socialize and have fun. For many, it’s a necessity. 

Some of that is connected to missing school. School is a sanctuary for many students with challenging homelives. When they’re not able to get out of the house, they may be left with limited food or dangerous conditions. Sometimes those kids need to get out of the house for the sake of their safety, which, again, shouldn’t be criticized. 

District One is doing a tremendous job of helping students get access to food, but we must understand just how challenging life is for some students.

There are some people who are risking their health and the health of others just for the sake of going on, but there are some situations that should be pardoned.

In the meantime, continue to social distance, keep yourself updated on all things Corona, wash your hands, and try to enjoy your “Coronacation”.