CREATIVE CORNER: “Sebastian and Kennedy” Part 4 – Kennedy’s Journal

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11/11/16 Kennedy

We have A LOT to talk about. Guess who talked to me today… Sebastian!! it wasn’t even that weird. I was sitting alone at lunch like usual, and he walked up with his lunch box and asked to sit. He started asking me questions about my classes at first, and from there the conversation just flowed. There was no awkwardness between either of us. It was just so… easy. I never knew that there could be a connection between us like that. Near the middle of lunch we pulled out our food (since we were too busy talking all of the first part) and he had some weird stuff in there. He started talking about his tofu and some weird vegetable called edamame (how do you even pronounce that?)  so apparently, this guy is a vegetarian. I don’t know how I feel about that, but it seems kind of cool and he had some interesting thoughts on the meat industry that are worth thinking about. After talking all lunch, he asked for my number. Not even my Snapchat or Instagram like most guys, it felt kind of old school and I liked it. I don’t know if he was trying to make any moves towards me or if I’m overthinking things…I hope that’s the case though.