The benefits of three-day weekends

Ever feel like the weekends are too short?  We’ve all been there: Sunday night, dreading school, the usual drill. Three-day weekends, however, ease that dread a bit.

Three-day weekends are a nice break from school without feeling too much like an actual long break. It’s just one extra day onto the usual two, but it feels so much better mentally. 

Thus, having three-day weekends every weekend could benefit the student body. You’d be surprised how much just one day off could help someone.

As mental health days are slowly being more normalized, three-day weekends could significantly help with losing days due to poor mental health that may or may not be caused by the school (for example, having too much homework during the week or maybe even bullying).

After-school activities could also benefit from this; because there aren’t school more days of the week, there are more opportunities for club meetings or athletic events. This would also prevent them from either taking too much time during school or adding to the already long school day. 

Having after-school activities on the (now theoretically) long weekend may also add to the activities, as the school day significantly cuts time from them. The weekend could give more time to build upon teams and allow them to prosper more.

Additionally, this extra day wouldn’t necessarily apply everywhere. Say it’s Monday that gets the cut. Some people could avoid missing school for a doctor’s appointment by scheduling it for Monday rather than any other day of the school week. Now you haven’t missed school and you got your doctor’s appointment, hitting two birds with one stone.

In summary, three-day weekends could help mental health and after-school activities, as well as just giving more opportunities for other things such as appointments. This could majorly benefit the student body and perhaps even the teachers as well.