The excitement of a homecoming dance

We have all seen those movies where they have homecoming dances in high school, but for many students at Chapman high, those movies were never a reality — until 2022. 

This year Chapman High school is having a Homecoming dance the last week of September. 

Many people, including myself, are very excited to have this normal high school experience. For most schools like ours on the week of homecoming, we have spirit week, which is a week when people get to dress up on certain days depending on the theme. 

The homecoming day is usually followed by a pep rally, football game, and dances. The whole week is filled with fun and exciting things to do, obtaining lots of school spirit. 

There are so many things to think about when a dance comes into the mix: for instance, what to wear or asking someone to the dance, or even if you want to go.

“I think having a homecoming dance is beneficial in (students’) social lives,” said sophomore Krystal Lopez. “I feel nervous and excited because it will be my first homecoming dance.”

I agree with Krystal’s opinion on Homecoming dances. This could help people make new friends, and just overall have a good time with one another and this can create new memories that you carry for the rest of your life. 

 This is also supporting the community by giving back to them and helping volunteer. We should also just celebrate this school year because we are going to be here for four years, and this is the time when students can act dumb and have fun. 

Getting to dress up for something that isn’t sports makes people feel fancy and getting to wear that without having to be in class can be pretty fun to wear. Even I like to dress up sometimes. Having school pride is important because nobody wants to go to a boring school. One of the main things to look forward to during homecoming is the football game; Chapman high school will be playing Carolina. 

COVID 2020 was not the year for most students because it restricted them from learning and getting to do school activities. “We wanted to do one last year and I think we wanted to do one the year before but we haven’t been able to do it because of COVID,” said science teacher Brittney Feagan.